Browser Requirements

If you are experiencing any issues with Interskill's online learning courses, please make sure your browser and system meets the minimum access requirements. The results below will display your browser configuration and our minimum system requirements.

The browser you are using is....


Your System Results: System Requirements for Interskill Courseware:

Operating System:


Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems are supported as long as your browser meets requirements.

Flash Version:


Adobe Flash Player plugin 9 or higher MUST be installed and enabled on your browser. Download the Flash Plugin at

Screen Resolution:


A minimum resolution of 800 x 600 or higher is recommended.



Java runtime client plugin 1.5 or higher. You MUST have Java Script enabled on your browser. Download the Java client at



Supported browsers: Chrome 29 and above. Firefox 25 and above. Internet Explorer (IE) 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. All browsers MUST have Java Script enabled.
Note: MFLIBRARY.CA.COM will support IE 10/11 in compatibility mode only.

Pop-Up Blocker:


You must turn off your pop-up blocker on your browser for our website.

Other Tips:

For more tips and technical information, visit our knowledge base at


System Requirements

In addition to the browser requirements above, your PC or laptop will need to meet our recommended system requirements:


Java Runtime Client Test

The Java runtime client browser plugin is required to run courseware with Interskill Learning. The output below will display the Java client version and vendor you currently have installed:

If Java is working you will see a pink box with single line of text that displays the Java version and vendor. If you do not see the pink box please download and install the latest Java client from

For more troubleshoot tips, see our Knowledge Base page or submit a support request.

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