Skills Assessment

Skills assessment provides the measurability so vital to an effective online education solution. Extensive banks of focused, scenario based questions enable organisations to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce according to the subject material being studied. The resulting educational outcomes attained by your employees can be evaluated and analysed by any number of dimensions. As any manager will readily agree, this sort of data is priceless!

The data gathered can be analysed to identify workforce or individual skill gaps, determine future training needs, measure the effectiveness of the training currently used and calculate Return on Investment (ROI). This level of accurate, objective analysis of your workforce has never before been so easy and is especially unique in our mainframe product range.

Students can use the assessment to benchmark their current skill levels on a topic. After they complete a series of training (any or all of classroom, e-learning, OJT, mentoring) on that topic, they can reassess and quantify their improvement in knowledge base and skill set.

The majority of our courseware titles contains assessment, from our specialised and industry leading mainframe product range to our catalogue of business, information technology, desktop, safety and legal courseware to any bespoke titles we develop for you, ensuring that whatever module or combination or modules undertaken, you have the reporting information on hand that you need for executive and managerial decisions. (Note: the only exception to this rule is our range of passive content courses, designed to aid understanding and comprehension. This courses still record all access and usage information but do not have an assessment.)

Benefits of Assessment

  • Measurable data showing skills learned and retained
  • Determine a pre-training skill level benchmark to compare to post-training assessment results
  • Enables ROI calculation on all training expenditure
  • Know exactly what your workforce do and don't know
  • Pinpoint team and individual strengths and knowledge gaps
  • Measure the effectiveness of existing training programmes
  • Use for objective performance appraisals
  • Use in the hiring process

Product Functions

Note: Available functionality may vary between product ranges.

  • Questions are either Core or Pool. Core questions are always included in any assessment. A percentage of pool questions is randomly selected to suplement these questions.
  • Over 90 percent of questions are new and do not appear in course checkpoints.
  • All questions and question reponses are randomized before being displayed to the user.
  • Questions are weighted and scored according to importance. In a drag and drop question each correct answer may be awarded half a point while a correct answer in a simulation may be awarded two points.
  • Each mainframe assessment will take between 45 and 75 minutes on average. Individual course assessments take between 10 to 15 minutes. Other assessment types vary according to the subject material.
  • Questions are based on job competencies.
  • Reliable auditing for industry mandated training requirements (i.e. HSHA, EPA, DOT, data protection, food safety, SCBA, etc.)

Question Types

Screen capture of a code competency question type. Screen capture of a comprehension and evaluation question type.
Screen capture of a drag and drop question type. Screen capture of a code entry question type.
Screen capture of a code based question type. Screen capture of an individual step within an application scenario.

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