z/OS v2.1 Preparedness

Is your mainframe workforce ready for z/OS v2.1?

z/OS v2.1 - are you ready?“Version 2 sets the groundwork for the next tier of mainframe computing, enabling you to pursue the innovation to drive highly scalable workloads -- including private clouds, support for mobile and social applications, and more. Its unrivalled security infrastructure is designed to help secure vast amounts of data; its highly optimised availability can help you deliver new data analytics solutions, and its continued improvements in management are targeted to help automate the operations of IBM® zEnterprise™ systems. With support for and exploitation of the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 (zEC12) and zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) systems, z/OS V2.1 is designed to offer unmatched availability, scalability, and security to meet the emerging business challenges of cloud, data analytics, and the security demands of mobile and social applications.” - IBM

In the most important year for mainframe training
in over a decade, how are you going to bring your mainframe workforce up to speed?

e-Learning is the perfect way to bring large numbers
of mainframe personnel up to speed on ALL ASPECTS of the new z Operating System with minimal cost and minimal disruption to their work schedule.

1. Can you afford to have ANY mainframe personnel lacking z/OS V2.1 skills and knowledge?

Let's be honest here. Every person in your mainframe workforce that does NOT know all they need to know about z/OS V2.1 is potentially costing you, or actually costing you, timemoneyefficiencyheadaches and damage to your brand!

Ideally you would have a highly skilled, super smart mainframe workforce that knows everything they need to know about z/OS V2.1. Your work would be made easier, your department would be more successful and your Management career and reputation would be enhanced!

The world's most successful mainframe organisations utilise an ultra-low cost, instantly available, mainframe elearning curriculum training on the hundreds of z/OS V2.1 topics your mainframe personnel need. No interruption to their work and no travel!

Every new skill, every piece of knowledge, every update and reinforcement your personnel get from this training resource delivers incalculable value to your organisation, over the span of the employee's whole career! The ROI is unparalleled!

2. Can you afford the overall cost and lost productivity of training your workforce using classroom training?

Realistically, ALL your mainframe personnel need to do some training on this one: the first major z Operating System update in over a decade. Logistically, you can't get them ALL away to classes, and setting up your own internal training content is a task you just don't have the time or resources for.

Why not utilise an ultra-low cost, instantly available, mainframe elearning curriculum covering the hundreds of z/OS V2.1 topics your mainframe personnel need, to be completed at work, with no interruption to their work?

3. Can you afford the delays waiting for the right classes to be scheduled?

Whether you have already upgraded to z/OS V2.1, or if you plan to do it in 2014, the time to start your mainframe personnel on their z/OS V2.1 training is NOW! There is a broad array of mainframe topic areas to cover, so you need z/OS V2.1 training that is instantly available for your personnel, whenever they need it, wherever they want it. You need training at the speed of your business!

eLearning is today's go-to mode of delivery when instant, global training availability is key. No delays, no interruption to work and no travel make this 250+ course curriculum of mainframe training an essential part of empowering your workforce to perform at the levels you need them to.


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