Objective Skills Analysis

How do you know what your people don’t know?

Mainframe Managers: you know the strengths and weaknesses of your systems through hard data and yet you rely on instinct and observation to know the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce. 

Advances in e-learning make an Objective Skills Analysis program effortless to implement and monitor. Mainframe personnel will sit online assessments composed of banks of scenario based, mainframe topic questions. This gradually builds up the data to give management a comprehensive picture of the workforce’s skill levels.

Objective mainframe skills analysis enables mainframe management to:

  • Get an overview of the skill levels and proficiency of your mainframe workforce
  • Identify any skill gaps and target training to those gaps, optimizing available training time and expense
  • Identify potential workforce weaknesses in any topic area before outages or project delays occur
  • Identify personnel most suitable for new projects or positions
  • Identify mentor and mentee match ups for superior internal training

The Enterprise Receives Value from:

  • Avoiding down time caused by user error
  • Avoiding project delays
  • Having the very best person for the job, in each job
  • Promoting the right people
  • Optimizing available training time by targeting training to skill gaps and not just “blanket” training
  • Optimizing training expenditure by targeting training on areas of greatest need

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A poll of 100 senior mainframe managers found that just 29% of companies were maintaining records on which workers had the skills necessary to step into critical jobs if they became vacant. Some 80% said this information would be valuable.

Simply put, know how your team is performing.

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