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In May 2015, an IBM Systems Magazine survey of 1,400 z Systems professionals revealed that 85 percent of respondents believe there is a mainframe skills gap, as experienced staff retire and take their knowledge and expertise with them. A full 67 percent of respondents see retirement and attrition as the single biggest challenge facing the industry today. The challenge this presents is the difficulty in creating and implementing a plan to develop a skills pipeline and address these knowledge sharing requirements to allow business operations to continue to be fully supported into the future. Although IBM's Academic Initiative is helping more universities and colleges offer mainframe skills, only a few offer a comprehensive mainframe computing curriculum that can produce graduates ready to walk into a mainframe job.

Universities are full of IT students excited about C++, java* and the .NET framework. Worthy skills in their own right, Interskill support students in these study areas, but more importantly, we provide comprehensive mainframe training in z Systems and technologies. These mainframe subject areas power the most essential parts in the banking and finance, computer hardware and software, insurance, and government/military industries, yet skills development of these subjects are critically lacking. Only 9 percent of organisations report being able to successfully recruit adequately trained graduates in the mainframe industry. The requirement to train new hires and upskill existing employees through initiatives such as Interskill’s online mainframe training is therefore imperative. Having a structured, comprehensive, readily available mainframe training program available for all levels of mainframe computing personnel is as important to your organisation as having the mainframe systems themselves.

This mainframe training requirement is just as applicable in any other industry. Successful organisations the world over recognise the advantages of investing in continual professional development for their staff. Education and training needs to be woven into day-to-day activities at all organisational levels yet achieving this in the face of time and budget constraints can be challenging.

With Interskill Learning, it’s never been easier or more affordable!

Interskill Learning provides:

Not Just Technical Training: Knowledge Transfer

Creating your next generation workforce is not a compartmentalised issue nor a technical expertise problem. Many retiring specialists, particularly those working in application development, will have built up a huge library of functional knowledge from estimating, writing high level and technical designs, problem solving, carrying out Integration testing, responding to customer's requests, leading projects and many other tasks required in their role.

If you stop and think about it, this knowledge is more important than their technical expertise. It is the disappearance of this functional knowledge of your business systems that will give you the biggest headaches and cause your organisation the greatest difficulties. A coordinated approach to knowledge transfer and the development of a new knowledge documentation scheme will enable new starters to get a grip of the system fundamentals of your organisation.

Interskill’s Mainframe Presenter Series offers a tool to enable effortless documentation/archiving of all of the knowledge and experience of your senior mainframe personnel, producing it in a training format available for ongoing use by the organisation. 

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In May, IBM Systems Magazine in collaboration with SHARE conducted a survey of more than 1,400 mainframe IT professionals. The results were quite conclusive-

a whopping 85 percent of respondents agreed that the mainframe skills gap exists and it in fact is growing wider by the day.

September 2015, "Survey Highlights the Growing Need for z Systems Talent", Kristin Lewotsky

IBM Systems Magazine

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