Reduce Training Costs

Stylised representation of increasing return on investmentMainframe Training expenditure is significantly reduced by using e-learning as the core of your mainframe education program!

Typically mainframe organisations will deliver 50%-60% of their training via e-learning with the remainder delivered via classroom, conferences, in-house training and mentoring.

No Travel and Related Costs

Save on travel expenses, hotel accommodation, meals and other travel expenses associate with traditional onsite training.

Firstly and most obviously, mainframe organisations realize significant savings from lower cost of courses compared to traditional classroom training.  Large mainframe organisations pay only dollars per course! The 12 months unlimited access license offers additional value as courses can be repeated as many times as needed for refreshers and/or quick reference.

Wages for Personnel Covering Those Away Training

When you have personnel away at training, you are either running your organisation short staffed or you are paying another person to cover the Trainee’s work. Either way, their absence is costing your organisation money.  e-Learning enables your mainframe personnel to be at their workplace and available while completing their training during short, scheduled training periods, available breaks or downtime.

More Efficient Use of Available Training Time

Global, anywhere-anytime access to mainframe training sees significantly more mainframe training completed as it can be utilised at every available training opportunity! Training is done frequently and regularly, scheduled and impromptu, anywhere and anytime -- the benefits of a highly skilled and multi skilled mainframe workforce ripple across the enterprise.

But always, ALWAYS remember: “Costs are irrelevant. Cost-effectiveness is what matters. A cheap solution that does not produce the intended result is a waste of money!” Investigate the quality and course currency of Interskill’s mainframe e-learning. Find out more about the Learning Services we include to guarantee optimum results and ROI. Speak with our clients about their success with Interskill mainframe training.

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