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Interskill Learning is a worldwide leader in the provision of e-learning education in technical training, business, desktop and soft-skills training, and developer and supplier of the most extensive range of mainframe training topics in the IBM mainframe industry. Interskill’s mainframe e-learning is currently the ONLY up-to-date, comprehensive e-learning curriculum available to the mainframe computing industry!

Our learning designs are informed by contemporary learning theory and are interactive, contextualized and responsive to diverse learning styles. We believe in immersing learners in relevant, authentic activities designed to motivate, engage and produce quantifiable change.


The Interskill name was synonymous with computer based training for a decade from 1993 to 2003. Since 1993 across a global client base of over 1,500 companies we have proven our expertise at developing and delivering training solutions that form the backbone of our clients' employee training on these mission critical systems.

Interskill Learning briefly rebranded in 2004 as Ajilon Learning to align with our sibling companies in the Ajilon Group and our Parent company Adecco S.A. (Swiss: ADEN).

A July 1, 2007 management buyout returned the company to our well known Interskill name. The current, dynamic team of e-learning industry and mainframe industry professionals has guided Interskill to the preeminent position it now holds heading into this new decade!

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